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Prehistoric killing machine exposed: Previously thought of as heavy, slow and sluggish, the 260-million-year-old predator, Anteosaurus, was a ferocious hunter-killer – Science Daily

3D imaging of the dinocephalian, Anteosaurus, shows that this massive premammalian reptile that grew to the size of a full-grown hippopotamus, was a highly agile…



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Judging by its massive, bone-crushing teeth, gigantic skull and powerful jaw, there is no doubt that the Anteosaurus, a premammalian reptile that roamed the African continent 265 to 260 million years ago — during a period known as the middle Permian — was a ferocious carnivore.However, while it was previously thought that this beast of a creature — that grew to about the size of an adult hippo or rhino, and featuring a thick crocodilian tail — was too heavy and sluggish to be an effective hunter,…

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